Craft great ads: Google organic

Craft great ads: Google organic

Website builders or owners, who use SEO to pop up the rank of their website, clearly understand every page is different and should be prioritize properly. Conversely, your website also needs “visitors,” who are always looking for useful, intuitive and easily understandable feature as well as products.  And, when it comes to ads, it is no different than crafting and managing a website.

Before, you get confused, we must put it clear. This page is about “Google Organic” and the ads do resemble “AdWords.” In fact, crafting the web page descriptions and titles utilizing ad copy has always been a help to understand ads, their utility and benefits. Fortunately, it’s not just the users, who get attracted by ads, but the bots do as well.

Descriptions and Titles

The description for the title and the title are as important as the ad in internet marketing Dubai.  The first main reason is the visitor, it is very obvious that the ad displayed on the page is the only medium to bring them to your website.

While there are many people, who simply go clicking the top sites on Google search page without consideration. Most of the search results are of titles or/and descriptions that brings all the closest match of the searched keyword. This shows that only titles and descriptions alone can attract lots of visitor to the manufacturer’s website.

Therefore, it is important to put the keywords being searched in the ad in bold letters. However, the goal is not to keep the letters bold, but to create an appealing add to drives visitors click through your site.

Ad Headline

An Ad title is the most important element. Without a credible title and its offered indirect and direct SEO benefits, you won’t be able to get hands on potential user from Google organic, therefore the rest, (e.g., images, good copy, and navigation) becomes highly important.

Putting a title tag, juts to fill the white space is not necessary. Increasing the word count does not mean that your website will stand out in a higher position. To its opposite, reducing the sum word count can offer considerable click-through benefits.  Keeping the title within 41 characters, serves all the purpose of the ad, which also goes well in context with the organic results of the title phrase.

The SEO rule

We all are aware of the benefits that come tagged along SEO done by an SEO and web design agency in UAE. And, it is not only the ad or website that needs it. You would be surprised to know that even a simply optimized can offer you lots of benefits. Putting keyword in the title is the easy way to make it SEO proof. Though, it is a simple step, but it actually worth the effort.

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