How to Get Ready For a Nose Filler Treatment

How to Get Ready For a Nose Filler Treatment

Before you get a nose filler in Dubai, there are a few things you should do before your appointment. First, you should avoid taking any blood-thinning medications. These can prolong your recovery time and increase the risk of bruising. If you take blood-thinning medication, be sure to discuss the risks and benefits with your injector. If you are unsure whether these medications are safe to take before your treatment, contact a reliable clinic.

Refrain from taking aspirin and fish oil supplements:

Before your treatment, you should refrain from taking aspirin and fish oil supplements. The numbing medication may take about 20 minutes to take effect. You will be awake for 15 minutes while your surgeon injects the filler. You will feel a pinching or pressure sensation during the procedure, but this is normal and should not cause any discomfort. You should also avoid taking facials or using any skin treatments within a week before your appointment.

Avoid taking ibuprofen-containing medicines:

Before your surgery, you should avoid taking ibuprofen-containing medicines. These drugs can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding. You should also avoid taking alcohol for at least one week before your appointment. Wearing glasses, getting a facial, and going on a diet may interfere with the procedure and make the filler not fully set.

Avoid wearing glasses for at least a few weeks:

You should also avoid wearing glasses for at least a few weeks before your treatment. Depending on the type of filler you choose, you should wear sunscreen and a headband to protect your face.

After your treatment, you will be taken to a treatment room where a nurse will record your vitals and medications list. The surgeon will go over the specifics of the procedure and any risks involved. You may be asked to sign a consent form. Your surgeon will then use a special pen to mark key areas of your face that are likely to be treated with filler. You may even be given photographs of your results to show the doctor how it looked before and after the procedure. The following things are important to keep in mind before doing filler treatment. This way, you can get better results.

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