How to Return the Rental Car on Time

How to Return the Rental Car on Time

The first and most important rule when you hire luxury car in Dubai is always to return it on time. If you miss the return date, contact the rental agency and negotiate. Mention that you are a loyalty program member and plan to rent from the same company again. If the rental company isn’t flexible, try to negotiate the rate. You can also negotiate an early return if you have a special reason to return the car earlier.

Getting a refund for unused days

Depending on the terms of your rental agreement, you may be entitled to a refund for unused days when renting your car. In most cases, car rental companies can offer you a partial refund for unused days. If you have paid in advance, you won’t be able to receive a refund, but non-prepaid contracts can still be recalculated to reflect how many days you’ve used.

Checking for scratches and dents

You can make sure you return the rental car in good condition by checking for dents and scratches. You can do this yourself, but remember that the car rental company usually charges more than the market price. In addition, you might have to pay twice for the same damage. That’s why it’s important to check for scratches and dents before you drive away. The following are some tips to help you return the rental car in good condition.

Returning a rental car after hours.

If you need to return a rental car after hours, keep some tips in mind. You will be charged an hourly rate every half hour past the grace period. If you leave the vehicle after this time, you will be charged the full rental cost for the day, even if you have a grace period. You may be charged for additional days and hours, so check with the rental company to see their policies.

Early return

An early return of a rental car can be an advantageous option if running on a tight schedule. Most car rental companies have policies about early return and late fees. To avoid this fee, it’s best to contact the car rental company and discuss your plan. In some cases, you can also request an extension of time. Depending on the company, the grace period maybe two days. However, the terms and conditions for early return can vary.

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