Tips on Buying the Perfect Pet Food

Tips on Buying the Perfect Pet Food

As a pet owner, you probably want to buy the best food for your furry friend from Royal Canin in UAE. While shopping for your pet’s next meal, read up on the different ingredients, price ranges, and marketing tricks. Buying grain-free food for your pet may be beneficial. But don’t get caught up in these marketing tricks! Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to buying the perfect food for your dog or cat.

Ingredients to look:

When choosing pet food, the first five to eight ingredients should be the first and foremost. These ingredients should be named animal proteins, whole grains, and fat sources. Look for pumpkin, chicory root, blueberries, and chicoramides as great sources of fiber and antioxidants. Then look for vitamins and minerals from animal sources. Many of these nutrients are essential for your pet’s overall health.


The price of pet food is set to increase. A variety of factors, including heightened competition and the emergence of millennial consumers, may have increased the cost of pet food. As the cost of protein, labor, and shipping continues to rise, pet food prices may follow suit. And there is no indication that these trends will abate anytime soon.

Grain-free foods:

As the dietary preferences of humans shift, so has the popularity of grain-free pet foods. While grain-free diets are not off-limits, consumer perception of health is shifting away from grains to more natural protein and whole grains sources. A change in packaging can make brands eligible for the new health claims. However, the emergence of grain-free pet food has raised some concerns. It may be time for pet food brands to rethink their products’ formulations to appeal to consumers.


While it’s true that pet food manufacturers often use animal by-products as fillers, this ingredient is not inedible or low-quality. These animal parts are organ meats, bones, tissue, and underdeveloped eggs. These meats can be used as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for your dog’s diet and can be found in some human foods. By-product meal is another common ingredient in dry food, made from organ meats and tissues. These are some important things you should keep in mind.

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