What are The Different Types of Plumbing You Need To Know About

What are The Different Types of Plumbing You Need To Know About

This article will discuss the different types of plumbing handled by an emergency plumber in Dubai. Residential plumbing has fewer outlets and pipes and typically two floors. Commercial plumbing includes multiple floors and more sinks and toilets. It’s also more complicated and time-consuming to install but can make more sense than residential plumbing. Regardless of the size of the project, it’s always important to know your options before you begin.


PEX is the most versatile type of piping. It can be used for hot and cold water applications. PEX piping is typically marked with its nominal pipe size, wall thickness, and pressure rating. According to the manufacturer, PEX pipes have a maximum pressure and temperature rating of 80 PSI at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Installation is relatively easy, but it is important to avoid pipe damage.


PVC is a material used to construct pipes for water and waste. Its properties make it suitable for various applications, including sewer and water conveyance and drains and vents associated with structures. Common applications for PVC pipes include sinks and toilets and liquid handling manufacturing equipment. Because of its chemical resistance and versatility, PVC pipework is ideal for various applications.

Flexible copper:

When plumbing your home, consider using long-lasting copper tubes. They are the preferred choice for cooling and heating. Long-lasting copper tubes are manufactured to exacting ASTM standards, which require 99.9 percent, pure copper, deoxidized with phosphorus, and tempered to a specific temperature. The six standard types of the copper tube are listed in Table 14.1 below. You can also find the commercial lengths, diameters, and tempers for these copper tubes.

Galvanized steel:

If you suspect that your pipes are made from galvanized steel, you should call a plumber immediately. The pipes are susceptible to leaks, which can occur behind walls or under the floor. This type of leak can cause extensive damage and mold growth. Leaking pipes can also attract termites. Therefore, you should replace galvanized pipes as soon as possible. Here are some tips for upgrading galvanized steel pipes:

Silicone grease:

SilibaseSG-0001 Silicone Grease for Plumbing is a secondary processing product of polyorganosiloxane. It is a high-performance silicone grease with excellent heat resistance, inoxidzability, and mold-release properties. Its application range is from -50 to +200°C. The material is non-corrosive to metals and is highly soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons.

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