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Dental Veneers – What is Involved in the Dental Veneers Procedure?

Dental Veneers - What is Involved in the Dental Veneers Procedure?

When you go for dental veneers in Dubai, the procedure usually involves two visits to the dentist. The first visit is to take x-rays and mold the teeth. The second visit is to trim the tooth enamel so that the edge of the veneer will tuck under the gum line. Then the dentist will pack a retraction cord into the gap between the tooth and gum tissue to pull the tissue away from the tooth. Then the procedure is completed with the application of the dental bond. The restoration is then fitted onto the teeth.

One: The dentist will then polish the surface of the teeth and apply the shaded composite to them. The composite is then hardened by using high-intensity light. A final composite layer is then applied to the tooth and finished with burs and polishers. Once the bond is complete, the veneers will be bonded to the teeth. This process may take a couple of appointments. In most cases, the whole process will take about an hour.

Two: After applying the dental cement, the dentist will place the veneer. An ultraviolet light cures dental cement. Once the cement has cured, the dentist will check that the veneer is placed correctly. Sometimes, several sessions are needed. The second appointment takes about two hours. The length of the procedure depends on the number of teeth to be treated and the number of veneers. Afterward, the dentist will polish and check your bite.

Three: The second appointment is where the veneers are placed. The dentist will prepare the teeth for bonding and will polish them beforehand. A special acid gel is applied to the surface of the teeth for 20 seconds. This creates a smooth surface for the bonding agent. After that, a bonding agent is applied to the veneer. It is important to let this bond dry completely before placing it. This will prevent it from slipping.

Four: The dental team will then take an impression of the teeth. The impressions will be used to design the veneers. Once the lab has completed the process, the patient will have a temporary set of veneers while the permanent ones are being fitted. A temporary veneer will be removed before the permanent set of veneers is applied. The permanent set will be fitted to the teeth after the first visit. It is necessary to visit the dentist for regular check-ups to ensure that the veneers are bonded properly.

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